On Your Feet

About the On Your Feet Scholarship

Dance Teachers Association scholarships are intended to assist individuals to carry out work in the field of dance. The “On Your Feet” scholarship was created by DTAN to help children in financial need participate in dance classes. These scholarships covers the entire cost of one year of dance lessons. It includes tuition, dance uniform, recital costume, and transportation to and from dance (if required).

Download the application and reference documents by opening the below links:

On Your Feet Scholarship Application

Scholarship Guidelines

The Dance Teachers Association of Newfoundland will be offering scholarships to individuals who are in some way seeking to pursue a career in dance or dance related activities or who are in some way seeking to promote, preserve and better understand dance in a manner which will benefit the entire dance community.
NOTE: This includes all areas of study which may directly pertain to dance, i.e. medical aspects of dance, dance teacher training, artistic events, studies and projects involving preservation of dance, etc. The events may include such items as the following: conferences, specialized long and short term programs, original research.

  1. General Information
    Scholarships must be submitted on the official application form available from the Association. Scholarships must be applied for in advance of the start date for the proposed dance year (e.g. Applicants must apply by August 15, 2015 for funding for the 2015-2016 dance season). Retroactive applications cannot be considered.
  2. Review Process
    Applications will be reviewed by a committee of at least four voting members of the Dance Teachers’ Association of Newfoundland. Approval of scholarships is subject to a majority of members attending a regular meeting.
  3. Evaluation Criteria
    Applications should demonstrate the following: a fully completed application that obviously demonstrates that the candidate has done the appropriate research (particularly in Section E & G) in choosing a school to study with; a definite sense of the candidate’s desire to dance should be apparent through their personal statement; two (2) references that clearly demonstrate why the candidate should be awarded a scholarship and how receiving the scholarship will benefit the candidate; that the applicant’s current financial circumstances limit their ability to participate in dance classes.
  4. Evaluation Criteria
    Please note: references have to attest to your specific situation. Each applicant is required to submit two (2) separate references. References CANNOT be a family member, dance teacher, or friend. Recognized references are as follows: physician, social worker, school teacher, guidance counsellor, therapist, clergy member, representative of a recognized social agency
  5. Deadline for Applications
    Only fully completed applications postmarked or delivered to the DTAN Scholarship Committee on or by the deadline date noted for a scholarship session will be accepted.
  6. Who is Eligible to Apply
    Any individual who is studying dance from an active DTAN member in Newfoundland, between the ages of 3-18. Must be a Canadian citizen or a landed immigrant who has resided in Newfoundland for a minimum period of five consecutive years.
  7. Application
    The deadline for application for the “On Your Feet” scholarship session is May 31st. Applications may be delivered by mail to:

    Dance Teachers Association of Newfoundland
    P.O. Box 23218, Churchill Square Postal Outlet
    St. John’s, NL A1B 4J9

    Delivered directly to any DTAN current member.

For more information, email us at scholarships@danceteachersnl.com !